2018 NAGA Germany Grappling Championship

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2018 NAGA Germany Grappling Championship

2018 NAGA Germany Grappling Championship

***IMPORTANT*** The registration process for our European events differs somewhat as compared to our U.S. based events. Both use the same system but due to certain limitations to the system, the following must be noted.

Phone Number: At some point in the registration process you will be asked to provide a phone number for texting. Please do not enter anything and close out of this window. The system cannot currently accept EU formatted phone numbers.

Weight Classes: You will see the weight classes listed as Lbs. Please note that the weight categories used for the Europe events are actually Kg. You will see the category listed as 60-69.9 Lbs, but please consider that 60-69.9Kg.
If there are any questions please email, .

NAGA brings No-Gi and Gi grappling back to Germany on Saturday, May 26, 2018. This tournament will use our new registration system. The tournament will feature over 300 No-Gi and Gi grappling divisions. All Expert division winners take home championship belts. Non-expert Children and Teen, and Adult division winners will be awarded medals.

All divisions will take place on Saturday. Children and teens will compete first. Adult divisions will begin once the children and teen divisions finish. Please visit the website for more information on division start times.

Important Tournament Information:

Children & Teens must be registered and weighed in by 9:00 AM.
Once a competitor accepts their weight and it is entered, the weight can no longer be changed.
Children & Teen competitors are guaranteed a minimum of two matches per tournament. Competing in gi and no-gi is considered two divisions.
Heel hooks are not allowed in adult Novice and Beginner No-Gi divisions.
Adult competitors must be registered (or checked-in if you registered online) and weighed-in 90 minutes prior to your division’s scheduled start time. This time will be available on the NAGA website.

NAGA does not accept mail in registrations. Competitors will need to either register online (pre-registration or late registration) with a credit card, or register at the event with cash. AmEx and checks are not accepted.

Pre-Registration Price (with credit card)
Register by midnight (EST), Friday, May 18, 2018 and pay:
1 Division = $85
$20 for each additional division
Spectators = $10

Late Online Registration Price (with credit card)
Register between 5/19 and 5/23/18 and pay:
1 Division = $105
$20 for each additional division
Spectator = $10

At Event Registration Price (Only cash will be accepted)
Register at the event 5/25 and 5/26/18 and pay:
1 Division = $105
$20 for each additional division
Spectator = $10

The ‘At Event Registration Prices’ will be posted in Euros, Pounds Sterling, and USD, based on the current exchange rate, here and on the NAGA website.

For more information on pricing, directions, divisions and more visit the NAGA website, www.nagafighter.com.

See you on the mats!


Datum 26. Mai 2018
Zeit 8:00 - 20:00
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Kreissporthalle Limburg-Weilburg

Zeppelinstraße 39
Limburg an der Lahn, Hessen 65549 Deutschland

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