NAGA Germany 2019 Grappling Championship

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NAGA Germany 2019 Grappling Championship

NAGA Germany 2019 Grappling Championship

NAGA Germany 2019 – NAGA is very excited to return to Kreissporthalle in Limburg, Germany on May 25, 2019, for the NAGA Germany Grappling Championship. This is a No-Gi and Gi grappling tournament. The tournament will have over 300 No-Gi and Gi grappling divisions. All Expert division winners take home championship belts. Non-expert winners are awarded medals.

In 2019, NAGA has made significant changes to improve our customer’s overall experience at NAGA events. These improvements include:

Added Absolute Male & Female No-Gi Divisions for Novice/Beginner, Intermediate & Expert competitors

Added Absolute Male & Female Gi Divisions for White Belt, Blue Belt & Purple Belt competitors

More Women weight classes; weights are now separated by 10 lb. increments

Added a new Ultra Heavy Weight division for men

NAGA will be using the Smoothcomp tournament management system.


NAGA has replaced the TourneyGuru bracketing system with the new and improved Smoothcomp system. All competitors will need to register through the Smoothcomp website. If you do not already have a Smoothcomp account, you will be prompted to create one. Parents can create one account and host your children under that account (the same goes for coaches and their students if you choose to do so). Once you are registered, you will be able to view who is enrolled in their group. If there is no one in your group, don’t worry, NAGA will work to find you matches.
On tournament day you will be able to monitor the schedule and what your division’s estimated start times will be. Coaches, family, and friends will be able to follow your bracket, all of this in real-time. Please visit the event page at for more information about NAGA and Smoothcomp.

Important improvements for 2019

To pre-bracket all competitors the number one and most significant change is that NAGA will no longer accept registrations or payments on the day of the event (Saturday and or Sunday). This change will enable us to get the bulk of bracketing done on Friday night. Competitors can register until the end of the weigh-in session the night before the event. Please note though, you must already have a Smoothcomp account and have had registered for the event choosing the ‘Complete Registration Later’ option. There will not be kiosks or forms that can be completed onsite.

Children and Teens will have a mandatory report time in the morning. We do this so we can perform the referee interview to make sure the competitor is in the correct division, and to start the tournament as early as possible.

Children and Teen ring assignments will be viewable through Smoothcomp. A physical form which indicated your division(s) ‘home base’ will no longer be distributed.

Family codes are still available. To get a code you will need to call the office Monday-Friday between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (EST) to get your unique code. If your call is not answered, please leave a voicemail with which tournament you need the code for and the number of competitors. Please note this discount is only for immediate family members (brother and sister competing, mother and son competing, father and daughter competing, etc.). Cousins, teammates, etc. do not qualify.

All divisions will take place on Saturday. Please visit the NAGA website for more information on division start times.

Important Tournament Information

All competitors can check-in/weigh-in on Friday from 6:00-6:30 PM.

Saturday, all Children/Teens and Adult Women must be checked-in by 9:00 AM and weighed in by 9:30 AM

Saturday, Adult Males please check the NAGA website for your check-in time.

No registrations will be accepted on Saturday, no exceptions.

Once a competitor accepts their weight and it is entered, the weight can no longer be changed.

Competing in gi and no-gi is considered two divisions.

Heel hooks are not allowed in any youth divisions and adult Novice and Beginner No-Gi divisions.

New Absolute Divisions have been added.

If you do not make the weight you registered for you will be placed into the weight class of what you weighed at the event. Please try to be as accurate with your weight as possible. This will help expedite the bracketing process. You can edit your weight in Smoothcomp up until the designated cutoff time.


Early Bird Registration

1 Division = $89, Each additional division is $20, Spectators are $12 each.
Children 8 and under are $5 and can only be purchased at the door (Infants are free).

Normal Registration

We understand that you may not be able to commit to competing until the week of the event. This option is cheaper than registering at the event.
1 Division = $109, Each additional division is $20, Spectators are $15 each.
Children 8 and under are $5 and can only be purchased at the door (Infants are free).

Late Registration – Thursday or Friday

For those who register the Thursday, Friday of the event (5/23 – 5/24/19):
1 or 2 Divisions = $149. Spectators are $15 each.
Children 8 and under are $5 and can only be purchased at the door.
You must register for the tournament by 7:30 PM Friday evening, THERE IS NO DAY OF REGISTRATION!

On Saturday (5/25/19), Children and Teens 17 and under MUST be registered by 9:00 AM and weighed-in by 9:30 AM.
All Adults 18 and over MUST be registered by 1:00 PM and weighed in by 1:30 PM.

Cash or credit (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) are the only accepted forms of payment.
AmEx and checks are not accepted.

Family Discounts

NAGA offers family discounts for immediate family members competing in the same event:

For 2 family members, the discount is $20
For 3 family members $40
For 4 family members $60, etc.

Family rates are valid for a parent paying for themselves and their minor child or children (under the age of 18), or a parent paying for their minor children (under the age of 18).

To receive a family discount coupon code call our office at 860.295.0403 or you can Email us at . Please call prior to registering. We are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM EST.

You can CANCEL and receive a full credit towards any future NAGA event for any reason. Competitors must cancel by 12:00 PM on Friday before the event by logging into your account and canceling your registration yourself. This credit is valid up to 1 year from the date you cancel.

As a general rule, we do not issue refunds. If there are extenuating circumstances (such as a death in the family) a partial/full refund may be possible. Please contact our office at 860-295-0403.

If you are having technical issues registering, setting up an account, or have any tournament specific questions (location, times, skill levels, etc.) please email or call (860) 295-0403.

All NAGA competitors will receive a free gift at the event. Children and Teen competitors will have a choice of a NAGA Pop Socket or NAGA Back Pack.
Adult competitors will have a choice of a NAGA T-shirt, NAGA Pop Socket, or NAGA Back Pack.
Other NAGA items may be available/substituted at certain events.
The gifts are picked up at the event’s weigh-in station.



Every competitor will check in at our front desk when they arrive. Whether you pre-reregistered or are paying at the door (Friday evening only) all competitors will receive a card which summarizes the divisions they are competing in and the number of spectators they have pre-purchased. Competitors will then proceed to the weigh-in area to get weighed in. Children and teens must be weighed-in by 9:30 AM in order to compete that day. If competitors 17 yrs. & under arrive after this time they will be removed from the tournament. Adults have later weigh-in deadlines and these can be viewed on our website as they vary for each event. Once weighed-in, competitors will pick up their free NAGA gift and then be interviewed by one of our experienced referees. The referee will make sure competitors are in the correct skill level(s). At this time, we will also share the size of your division(s). If you are the only competitor in your bracket, then the referee will discuss what options are available and move you to the agreed bracket.

All competitors are given the option to check-in and weigh-in on Friday from 6:00 – 6:30 PM.

All CHILDREN & TEENS (17 yrs. & under) must be registered and checked in by 9:00 AM and weighed in by 9:30 AM.
ADULTS (18 yrs. & over) must be registered and checked-in by 1:00 PM and weighed-in by 1:30 PM.

Anyone who arrives after these listed times will not be allowed to compete. For those who miss these deadlines, a credit will be issued that can be used for any future NAGA event (within one year of the event date), no exceptions.

NAGA is bringing a truckload of grappling gear (Boardshorts, gi bags, rash guards, t-shirts, hats, gi hoodies, patches, skull caps, stickers, dog tags, etc.) in children and adults sizes, for males and females. Check out the huge selection of gear and apparel at the NAGA event.

NAGA electronic scoreboards are displayed throughout the venue including the Bracketing Area. Competitor’s name, team, and Ring #’s are displayed, along with the match’s division and match number.

NAGA provides 2 chairs on each side of every score table, 1 for the coach of the competitor and the other for a family member or friend to shoot video or take photographs. Please note, no one else is allowed inside the barricades during the matches.

All NAGA events have a trained professional medic on sight. The medic will be visible and accessible to all in attendance. The medic is typically located between Rings 1 & 2.


NAGA awards championship belts to all Children, Teen, Adult, Masters, Director and Executive, Expert Division champions (Limit 1 belt per competitor per event for division winners). Absolute Intermediate, Expert, Blue Belt, and Purple Belt winners are awarded belts. Absolute division winners will win a belt even if they win one in their weight class division. This award is unrivaled in quality and appearance.


NAGA awards custom engraved SAMURAI SWORDS to all non-expert Children & Teen 1st place winners (Limit 1 per competitor per event). Custom medals will be awarded to all 2nd & 3rd place winners along with non-expert Adult division winners. Adult competitors who place 1st and win a gold medal will have the opportunity to obtain a samurai sword at the NAGA T-shirt booth for a nominal fee. All children (13 and under) who do not place 1st through 3rd will take home an award.


NAGA awards customized championship cups to the tournament team champions. A cup can be won in Adult Overall, Adult No-Gi, Adult Gi, and Children & Teens Overall. Please make sure your team registers under the same team name. Do not miss this opportunity to showcase the talent that your team possesses.


NAGA runs over 65 events a year across 10 different countries. We are always looking for new staff members to help support our expansion needs. If you are interested in becoming a referee, ring coordinator, security, weigh-in, awards, or photographer please email us at . Please note that if you are working the event you will not be able to compete at that event.


Datum 25. Mai 2019
Zeit 8:00 - 20:00
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Kreissporthalle Limburg-Weilburg

Zeppelinstraße 39
Limburg an der Lahn, Hessen 65549 Deutschland

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