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WeGrapple – New rules for an old game

No gi grappling tournament
Round robin format: you get as many matches as possible, with no risk of paying for competing just one match.
Simple point system and no advantages: takedowns and positions are awarded, submissions are our ko and there is no room to play with the rules.


Registration costs €49. Free registration for Jiu-Jitsu black belts and Luta Livre black belts.
To register, please send an email to with subject „Registration“ and write your full name, team, birthday, adult or master, weight class and experience division. You will receive within 48h the bank account informations for your payment.
Last day to send your emails will be Sunday 26th of August.

Ihr könnt euch ab jetzt für #weGrapple anmelden.
Um sich anzumelden, sendet bitte eine E-Mail an mit Betreff “Registrierung” und schreibt uns euren vollständigen Namen, Team, Geburtsdatum, Gewichtsklasse und eure Erfahrung.

Ihr werdet innerhalb von 48 Stunden eine Bestätigung und die Bankverbindung für die Zahlung erhalten.
Letzter Tag der Anmeldung ist Sonntag, der 26. August.

WICHTIG: Der Hauptfokus von #weGrapple ist es, euch so viele Kämpfe wie möglich zu geben. Aus diesem Grund werden Divisionen mit weniger als 4 oder 5 Athleten so fair wie möglich zusammengestellt.

Wir freuen uns auf ein tolles Round Robin Turnier!
EBENFALLS WICHTIG: Kostenlose Registrierung für Schwarzgurte im Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu oder Luta Livre! Schreibe deinen Rang in die E-Mail!


weGrapple will provide everyone as many matches as possible through a format where the fighters of every division will be pooled together in groups from which the best fighters will move on to a standard single-elimination format to crown the winner.
If a division has up to 7 competitors registered, it will be run as a single round robin, while from 8 fighters up the division will be split into two or more pool of 4 to 7 fighters that will compete in round robin to see who will move on to the playoff.
In case of playoff, semifinals will be held for the third place.


Adults (-30 years old: born from 1989 on) and Masters (30+ years old: born before and including 1988) will be divided into:

Beginners (Jiu-Jitsu white belts / Luta Livre white and yellow belt / approximately 0 to 18 months of grappling experience);
Intermediates (Jiu-Jitsu blue belts / Luta Livre orange and blue belts / approximately 18 months to 3 years of grappling experience);
Advanced (Jiu-Jitsu or Luta Livre purple belts / approximately 3 to 6 years of grappling experience);
Elite (Jiu-Jitsu or Luta Livre brown and black belts / more than 6 years of grappling experience).

Please understand that we are very strict against sand bagging. If you have extensive experience in some grappling art (for example you are a judo black belt or an experienced wrestler) we ask you to start at least in the Intermediate division.
If you don’t know in which division you should register because you train since X years but it’s your first tournament or you never got promotions because reasons or you train intermittently or whatever other doubt you might have, please consider to take a challenge out of your comfort zone and/or drop us a line and ask us. The promoters are experienced grapplers and competitors and will help you choosing.
If we find evidence of sand bagging, the culprit and his/her entire team will be disqualified with no refund.


Strawweight (-53 kg, only for the femal division)
Flyweight (-57 kg, only for the female division)
Bantamweight (-61 kg)
Featherweight (-65 kg)
Lightweight (-70 kg)
Welterweight (-77 kg)
Middleweight (-84 kg)
Light heavyweight (-93 kg)
Heavyweight (-110 kg)
Ultra heavyweight (+110 kg)


Round robin and playoffs, Beginners and Intermediate: 6 minutes (points scoring starts after 3 minutes).
Finals, Beginners and Intermediate: 8 minutes (points scoring starts after 4 minutes).

Round robin and playoffs, Advanced and Elite: 8 minutes (points scoring starts after 4 minutes).
Finals, Advanced and Elite: 10 minutes (points scoring starts after 5 minutes).

In case of a tie, the match will continue with an extra round of 4 minutes (followed by golden point if it comes to that).



Clean takedown (end in position of control): 4 points
Takedown (end in opponent’s guard): 2 points

Any form of control from the top of a grounded opponent, outside of mount and back mount, for more than 3 seconds, being the opponent on his back or in turtle position: 2 points. This includes side control, knee on belly, north-south, and having a so-called seat belt (shoulder to hip, or around the hip) on a turtled opponent from the side.

Any form of mount position over an opponent lying with one or two shoulders on the mat: 3 points. This includes typical mount, mount over one arm and technical mount or so called s-mount.

No points for mount over both arms or for backwards mount.

Any form of back control, with or without feet crossed, also so-called triangle from the back and back control with one arm trapped: 4 points.

No points for back control if opponent has both arms inside controlling fighter.


Pulling guard, with or without grip on opponent: -2 points.

During the stand up phase, pushing the opponent outside of the fighting area without attempting a takedown, sweep or submission, or also evading the fighting area to avoid takedowns: -2 points.

During the ground action phase, intentionally sliding outside the fighting area to escape a control position or a submission attempt: -2 points.

Stalling (holding the opponent in a closed guard or under a position of control, avoiding to try to pass the guard, avoiding to engage combat with the opponent either standing or sitting): warning after 20 seconds followed by 2 points deduction 20 seconds after the first warning.

Trying to break a grip holding one or two fingers of the opponent: warning (first occurrence), -2 points (second occurrence).

Putting hands, knees or elbows on the mouth-nose-eyes area with the intention of obstructing breathing or creating pressure: warning (first occurrence), -2 points (second occurrence).

Grabbing one’s own clothes or the opponent’s clothes: warning (first occurrence), -2 points (second occurrence).


Offensive, hostile or disrespectful behaviour towards the opponent, the referee or the public. This includes profane languages, obscene gestures, strikes, hair pulling, bites, pressure to sensitive reas such genitals and eyes.

Talking to the referee or to the corner if not to signal a medical issue or a uniform problem.

Performing any illegal technique (see 7. ILLEGAL TECHNIQUES).

Accumulating three negative points actions.

Fixed fights.

Important: if you get disqualified, you will not be allowed to fight any other match you could still have and you will have no rights to a refund.


Any takedown that does not spike the opponent on his/her head.

Any kind of choke (except for using the hand to close the wind pipe).

Any joint lock or muscle slices following the exceptions mentioned in 7. ILLEGAL TECHNIQUES.


Takedowns that spike the opponent on his/her head.
Please note that during a single leg takedown the head of the attacking fighter should not be kept outside the captured leg. Defending a single leg attempt by holding a guillotine on the fighter’s head and intentionally driving him/her on the ground, head first, is considered illegal.

Guard jumping.

Scissor takedown or kani-basami, also posting one hand on the mat.

Full Nelson.

Neck crank of any kind (crucifix position can be used if there is no neck crank).

Slamming the opponent on the ground (see 8. THE “SLAM” RULE”).

For Beginners: no heel hooks, knee bars, toe holds, wrist locks, muscle slicers, groin stretch, twister.

For Intermediates: no heel hooks, toe holds, wrist locks, muscle slicers, groin stretch, twister.

For Advanced: no muscle slicers, twister.


Slamming is not allowed, although if the fighter locked in a submission attempt manages to lift his opponent to the point where he could effectively slam him/her, the submission is considered defended. The referee will stop the action and the fight will start again from the stand up position.

The established measure for this is to lift the opponent until his head is above the hip line of the defender.

If the athlete stands up while the opponent is holding a closed guard or a back control position, the action will continue without interruption and slamming will of course not be allowed.

September 01 2018


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